Still moving

Still moving. Moving still. Moving and yet in stillness. Running in place. Heart beats. Faster and faster. Finding you. Where have you been? In the place between shadow and soul, as Pablo Neruda would say. If I stop moving, my heart slows. and I can hear myself miss you.

Voici my unfinished violin

I worked on a painting this afternoon. I call it “Voici my unfinished violin.” It doesn’t have strings. The color isn’t really right. There are a ton of little things I can see in it that I want to change or add. I love the lines I made on the tailpiece and fingerboard. The f-hole... Continue Reading →

What would it be like to let go?

I binge-watched Mozart in the Jungle this week. It is an Amazon Prime original show about an eccentric and famous conductor and his tenure with the New York Symphony Orchestra. He's so incredibly intense. He listens to his intuition, even to the point of seeming completely irrational to everyone around him. He isn't attached to... Continue Reading →

Cat Bastard and The Vise

  “The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.” Blaise Pascal I’m kicking around an idea to do a cartoon similar to The Awkward Yeti about depression and anxiety. The main character of the story would be a heart. Depression would be played by an overweight... Continue Reading →

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